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FAQ First Landing


Hi, could I make a suggestion to take the FAQ module to the "next" level.

We have SAP running on our site and we are using the FAQ module to answer some FAQ's ;)

Each module in SAP is a category in the FAQ, unfortunately when you open the FAQ for the first time, you are bombarded with the 35-40 and growing items.

Can you
  1. Add a "Header" section that would "replace" the initial list of FAQ's and on the left show the categories. And then selecting a category the "Header" is replaced with the FAQ's for that section..? For example the header could be a brief description of the FAQ.
  2. Add a Expand all/Collapse all button.


Boonew wrote Feb 27, 2015 at 11:23 AM

Hi, any update on the new build?

there was mention of one late Feb 2014?