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FAQ in DNN 07.01.01 (385) won't display answers in IE but works in Chrome


I have generated a long list of FAQs for my site and have tested them using Chrome on my local machine but have come to find that the answers do not display in IE (various versions). A javascript error shows up momentarily at the bottom left on 1 computer with a minus sign left where the answers should be, and another computer shows null-null in place of the answers. I have enabled active scripting but to no avail. Suggestions? Thank you.


EPT wrote Feb 20, 2014 at 8:52 AM

I am working on an new release that will fix this error. It is a combination with " (quotes) in the templates and the generation of the JavaScript call that is generated in the C# source to display the asnwer.The source changes for this (AjaxFaq.js and FAQ.ascx.cs) are already checked-in here.